Personalized, Private Travel Experiences

Your Trusted Advisors for Luxury Travel

Luxury Trips is an award-winning boutique travel agency located in downtown Winter Park, Florida, specializing in custom luxury travel around the world.

Whether you’re dreaming about chartering a private yacht in Croatia or sleeping under the stars in Africa, our team is passionate about crafting memorable travel experiences.

We invite you to satisfy your deepest travel curiosities. If you can dream it, we’ll make it a personal challenge to come through for you.

Travel is Personal

We don’t sell packages or group departures. Our approach to crafting travel experiences is a holistic one — we consider everything from the pictures you want to bring home to what time you like to wake up and saunter down to breakfast each morning. There is no right or wrong answer– it’s all about what you want.

You're in Good Company

Reputation is important. We consistently deliver 5-star reviews on Google or Facebook. With 99% of our clients reporting their expectations having been met or exceeded, we’re confident you’ll find yourself in good company.

Trip Planning Process

Your personalized trip planning process begins with a complimentary consultation between you and your dedicated travel designer.

Once the first draft of your itinerary is completed, tell us what you love and the parts you don’t care for.

We’ll continue to make revisions and gather feedback until you’re completely satisfied.

Long-Term Goals

Your dedicated designer will map out your long-term travel plans, making note of special occasions in your future, helping you prioritize your top destinations and selecting approximate dates to make sure you see them all at the best time of year.

Where to Next?

We work directly with partners on the ground in all seven continents, cutting out any middlemen to bring you maximum value. Each one of our suppliers goes through a rigorous vetting process to ensure your safety and security as well as best-in-class service and a focus on sustainability.

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