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One of the primary differences between Luxury Trips and some of our top competitors is that we are impartial and unbiased. We don’t own any accommodations and are not affiliated with any hotel chains or similar groups. You can trust us because we are completely independent.

Your personalized trip planning process begins with a consultation between you and your Private Travel Designer, who will remain dedicated to your account. Above all else, your designer lives to travel, exploring new destinations every year to gather insider tips to help them enhance your experience. During your consultation, we’ll listen to hear exactly what it is you want to get out of your trip. Every detail will be planned around your interests. Once we’ve completed the first draft of your itinerary, we’ll ask for your feedback so you can tell us what you love and help us remove any fillers you don’t care for. We’ll continue to make revisions and gather feedback until you are completely satisfied.

Your travel time is precious so we know reputation is important. Search for Luxury Trips reviews on Google or Facebook and you’ll see we consistently deliver a 5-star experience. We’ve regularly been regarded as the best travel company in our hometown of Winter Park, but we didn’t stop there. Our Africa division, operating under the name Alluring Africa, was voted  the #1 world’s best safari outfitter by Travel + Leisure. Our president, Sunit Sanghrajka, is one of the founding members of The Safari Professionals of the Americas, an organization that brought over 30 US-based competitors together to tackle some of our industry’s toughest issues. And we’re just getting started.

Our passion is to create rich and meaningful connections and we’re confident that by planning around the true purpose of your travel, whatever it may be, that you’ll find yourself feeling enriched and ready for more.

Bringing Perspective to Price

Travel is an investment, not only in yourself, but in the destination – from the people that work there, to the environment they live in, the wildlife they coexist with and the culture they’ve built. We’re all connected. By investing in sustainable travel, our clients share the pride of preserving thousands of acres of land as national parks and reserves, employing local people, building schools and teaching local children, battling poaching and implementing practices for wildlife safety and recovery, cleaning our oceans, and the list goes on.

We work directly with partners on ground, cutting out any middlemen to bring you maximum value in all seven continents. Each one of our suppliers goes through a thorough inspection to ensure your safety and security as well as best in class service and a focus on sustainability.

Not only do we take responsibility for the types of experiences we offer, we take responsibility for you. We’ve sought out the best of the best to deliver a world-class experience that will leave you breathless. Service is our biggest priority. We pride ourselves on being friendly, responsive, and attentive listeners. Our goal is to save you time and allow you to travel stress-free. If you can dream it, we’ll make it a personal challenge to come through for you. We aim to deliver life-changing experiences. With 99% of our clients reporting their expectations having been met or exceeded, we’re confident you’ll find yourself in good company.

We are an established, USA based company with global expertise. Our prices are guaranteed in US$ and we accept all major credit cards.

We will not be the cheapest travel company you’ve worked with, but we will be worth every penny.

Global Concierge

Did you know you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down and tell someone? Bring us your bucket list for the next 5-10 years, and we’ll do even better. Your dedicated designer will help you map out your long-term travel plans, making note of special occasions in your future, helping you prioritize your top destinations and selecting approximate dates to make sure you see them all at the best time of year.

Luxury Trips is your travel expert for the long run.

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