We’re seeking a full-time Operations Manager who will become the right-hand person to the CEO.

Your time will be split between working from home and traveling to the CEO’s work office and home office, which are both located in Winter Park, FL. As the CEO’s right hand, you will develop an intimate understanding of his responsibilities and will need to assist him in maintaining order throughout all aspects of his life. This will include a range of tasks related (but not limited) to his personal finances, Luxury Trips responsibilities, and property management tasks related to the building he owns where the office for Luxury Trips is located. Your work hours will be either from 9am to 6pm or from 10am to 7pm EST. Our ideal candidate is someone who is high energy and result-oriented, who is able to solve problems quickly while maintaining great attention to detail. If this sounds like you, please apply using the link at the bottom of this page.

Activities of our Operations Manager Position

Education and Experience

Hard/Soft Skills



Performance Behaviors


Compensation will be between $50,000 to $80,000 a year, commensurate with experience.


Please visit our career page for our list of  benefits.

How To Apply

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