China’s thriving development is set against an ancient backdrop, first brought to the world’s attention by the 13th-century adventurer, Marco Polo. Its imperial dynasties are richly remembered in Beijing’s Forbidden City and Summer Palace, while its most iconic structure – the Great Wall of China – still winds across the country.Witnessing the more than 8000 life-size warriors of the Terracotta Army which guard the tomb of First Emperor Qin is an essential China travel experience, as is getting up close to Giant Pandas at Chengdu’s research base and breeding center. While China’s mega-cities appear to be heaving and sprawling into the surrounding towns and villages, the sheer size of the country means there are still remote areas of breathtaking natural beauty.Intrepid travelers will find adventure hiking through the spectacular limestone pinnacles of Wulingyuan and cruising along the Li River, while Tiger Leaping Gorge along the Yangtze River and the old Silk Road both offer outstanding vistas. For an insight into China’s rich cultural diversity, you can travel into the high altitude mountains of Tibet, explore the arid landscapes of Inner Mongolia or visit the ethnic minority communities of Yunnan.

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