Visitors tend to come to Varadero for the uninterrupted 20km stretch of white sandy beaches and stunning turquoise sea and stay for the colourful rum-filled cocktails and fabulously friendly locals. This elongated island is a relatively exclusive part of Cuba, abundant with private hotel resorts and the country’s only full golf course. Varadero even has it’s own rather wonderfully cheesy Beatles bar complete with live rock music, an energetic atmosphere and life-size statues of the famous four standing guard at its front door. Whether you choose to marvel at the wildlife at the Varahicacos Ecological Reserve, stroll down the makeshift bar strewn walkways of Josone Park, or plonk yourself down in the sun on a deckchair with a mojito, this island paradise is a great place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the dusty streets of Cuba.

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