With culturally-rich cities, magnificent rural landscapes and a fascinating recent history, Germany has emerged from the turmoil of World War II and the Cold War as one of Europe’s premier tourist destinations. The capital Berlin is a vibrant center where the grandeur of the Brandenburg Gate stands alongside the graffitied remnants of the Berlin Wall. While Dresden’s Baroque architecture, Munich’s proud Bavarian roots, and the High Gothic architecture of the Cologne Cathedral all make for worthy visits.

Outside of the bigger cities lie equally charming towns, including the former imperial city of Bamberg, the medieval center of Rothenburg and the historic spas of Baden-Baden. Travel between the royal castles and Rococo churches along the Romantic Road, or experience Germany’s natural beauty while wine tasting in the spectacular vineyards which cascade down toward the Mosel River.

In the far southwest, you can hike through the fairytale setting of the Black Forest, while in the remote northeast lies the Baltic Island of Rügen, with its sandy beaches and dramatic peninsulas. Or just step on board a luxury boat cruise to explore the mountainous lake scenery of Königssee or the majestic landscapes along the Rhine River.

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