Evolution has occurred more or less in isolation on this remote island – located 400 kilometres off Africa’s east coast – with the result that much of its indigenous wildlife is found nowhere else on earth. Madagascar’s menagerie of weird and wonderful creatures includes the world’s biggest and smallest chameleons and over 70 species of lemur – long-tailed primates endemic to the island. The Madagascan landscape is no less compelling than the resident wildlife, with terrain ranging from lush jungles and palm-fringed beaches to the knife-edged karst tsingys of the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park’s ‘stone forests’. Madagascar is an otherworldly paradise where visitors are offered a unique glimpse into a fantastical one-of-a-kind world.

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In Madagascar, the two-pronged plug and the European standard socket are the most used with a tension of 220 volts (but it may go down to 170 volts in…

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The official currency of Madagascar since 2005 is the Malagasy Ariary (MGA), which has been reintroduced to replace the Malagasy franc. One Ariary (Ar)…

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Madagascar’s cuisine is traditionally based on rice, that are served with some kind of dressings, vegetables, meat and spicy seasoning. Malagasy…

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Any time of year is fine for a visit except January to March; when heavy rainfall in many areas can make some roads all but impassable, and when there’s…

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Madagascar is a huge place, the roads are bad and travel times long: it takes 24 hours of solid driving from Antananarivo (Tana) to Diego Suarez (Antsiranana),…

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To cope with the Madagascan climate, lightweights should be worn during the summer on high central plateaux and throughout the year in the north and south….

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Please consult your health-care provider 4-6 weeks prior to travel to ensure you are receiving all required vaccinations, and that the medication has enough…

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Madagascar is a fairly safe country. You must, however, respect some simple principles:• Don't walk around at night in Antananarivo (other cities…

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ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Make copies of all your important documents such as passports, driver’s licenses, credit cards, etc. Keep copies with you and…

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Language:English is not widely spoken. Malagasy (which is related to Indonesian) and French are the official languages. Local dialects are also common.National…

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