Encompassing over 1000 coral islands that form about 25 natural atolls, the Maldives is separated from the rest of the world by the seemingly endless Indian Ocean, offering visitors a secluded little pocket of paradise. These exquisite tropical islands are best known for their white powder sand beaches, glistening blue lagoons and extensive reefs which are home to a diverse range of colourful marine life. The nation’s bustling capital of Male features an array of charming shops and restaurants as well as a busy fish market and a must-see 17th-century mosque known as Hukuru Miskiy which was constructed out of intricately carved white coral. Visitors will find plenty of activities to keep them entertained including: scuba diving, snorkelling, water skiing, stand up paddle boarding, spa visits, and hopping from one idyllic little island to the next.

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Travel Information


For the most part, electrical sockets (outlets) in the Maldives are one of three types: the “Type C” European CEE 7/16 Europlug, the “Type G” British BS-1363…

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Maldivian Rufiya (MVR; symbol MRf) = 100 laari. Notes are in denominations of MRf 500, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5. Coins are in denominations of MRf 2 and 1,…

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The water provided in the resort areas is generally safe to drink. In other areas, water of uncertain origin used for drinking, brushing teeth or making…

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The Maldives climate provides warm, tropical weather all year round, even during the wet season. The Hulhangu Monsoon season runs from May to November…

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Internal flights in the Maldives are operated by Maldivian (, linking Malé with provincial centres Hanimaadhoo, Kaadedhdhoo, Kadhdhoo…

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Dress is informal, but locals who are Muslim will be offended by nudity or scanty clothing in public places, and the government rigidly enforces these…

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Please consult your health-care provider 4-6 weeks prior to travel to ensure you are receiving all required vaccinations, and that the medication has enough…

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The Maldives are safe in general. We recommend normal precautions be taken as you would for any city in the world. Be aware of your surroundings and stay…

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Make copies of all your important documents such as passports, driver’s licenses, credit cards, etc. Keep copies…

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The national language is Dhivehi. English is widely used as a business language in government offices and…

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