New England

Considered to be the birthplace of America, New England is a northeastern region of the United States consisting of the states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. While each of these states have their own unique character, the greater New England area is known for its spectacular scenic beauty, rich history, interesting cultural attractions, and exhilarating outdoor adventures. New England serves as a popular summer getaway for tourists looking to explore the region’s impressive ski resorts in the winter time, or relax on the idyllic beaches in the gloriously sunny summer months. Visitors can look forward to browsing some of America’s best art galleries and museums; sampling delicious seafood at the famous seaside lobster shacks; and enjoying over 5000 miles of coastline which provides a range of watersport opportunities. With its cosmopolitan cities, quaint little villages, and the rolling hills and rocky peaks of its ancient Appalachian Mountains, New England truly has something for every traveller.

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