Golf? Hiking? A glimpse of the Loch Ness Monster? There are many reasons to travel to Inverness. Crowned by a pink crenellated castle and adorned with exquisite colourful flowers, the vibrant city of Inverness is sits astride the River Ness at the northern end of the Great Glen. This city at the heart of the Scottish Highlands attracts considerable numbers of tourists drawn to the iconic legend of the Loch Ness Monster which, according to mythology, is purported to inhabit the Loch Ness that runs to the south of the city. The city makes an excellent base for exploring the exceptionally scenic surrounds. Visitors can fan out in almost any direction from Inverness for exhilarating day trips: east to Moray and the distilleries near Forres, southeast to the Cairngorms, and south to Loch Ness. With impressive scotch, excellent restaurants and shops and even white water rafting on offer, there is plenty to do in around this ‘bonny wee town’.

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