Staying on North Island in the Seychelles lets you enjoy an incredible array of activities in a setting of incomparable natural beauty. To help you choose, we’ve listed some our most favorite North Island activities from among the many on offer – from the active and energetic to the rather more indulgent and restful. All you have to do is choose!

Ocean Activities

North Island is surrounded by the calm, warm waters of the Indian Ocean, which make it the perfect place to have fun on and under the waves.

SCUBA Diving

Drop in on the coral formations just offshore to observe the incredible diversity of marine life in the clear, azure waters. Resident dive masters know these reefs like the back of their flippers and can lead you in search of striking corals, dazzling reef fish, or even turtles and rays. PADI-approved diving courses are on offer, and kids can take their first ever dive in complete safety on a Bubblemaker course.

Fishing Trips

Channel the desert island vibe and try your hand at catching your supper. In keeping with North Island’s ecologically sensitive approach, rarer species are strictly catch-and-release, but those that can be sustainably fished give you the opportunity to enjoy unbelievably fresh sushi, sliced and diced by the North Island chefs and tasting even better because you caught it yourself. The North Island boats are fully equipped – hook, line, and sinker.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Restore your sense of balance – and work that core! – on a paddle board. Not quite as easy as it looks, but a lot of fun – and let’s be honest, taking a tumble into calm, warm water is no hardship.

Wellbeing Activities

Simply arriving on North Island will do wonders for your inner calm. Everyday stresses fall away, and you’ll find that you very soon adapt to the rhythms and pace of island life. The holistic approach to wellness on the island will renew your body and soul.


Situated on Spa Hill (where else?!) the wellness center offers incredible views down over East Beach and the ocean beyond. Highly skilled therapists offer treatments using products inspired by the marine environment or made with blended plant extracts from the island. Let all your cares be caressed away.


The dawn views from East Beach are worth their weight in golden sunbeams and certainly justify an early start to your day. Strike a pose – yoga is very much in vogue here, with the emphasis on restful breathing and bodily health. Salute the rising sun, and end your session with a dip in the ocean. Now that’s what we call a good morning!


Perhaps not technically an activity, but on North Island, relaxation has been elevated to the status of an art form. Your villa has so much space, with its indulgent bathroom, outdoor sala for siestas and private plunge pool, that you may never want to leave. And you certainly won’t have to lift a finger – your villa attendant is on hand to take care of your every need.

Leisurely Activities

Far away from the hustle and bustle of daily routines and the pings and alarms that mean you’re always in demand, North Island gives you the chance (and the perfect excuse) to slow things down. Take time out to explore the island at your own pace, or follow the example of some of its most mellow residents.


North Island’s cool, shady forest paths really invite exploration. Each villa is equipped with two North Island bicycles (as well as your electric golf buggy), so you can slowly pedal your way to Honeymoon Beach for a secluded picnic, or West Beach Bar for sunset cocktails. Perfect for when you want to live life in first gear.

Guided Walks

Let one of North Island’s guides take you on a relaxed walk up Spa Hill (that view again!) or to visit the island’s nursery and environmental center to see the Noah’s Ark island rehabilitation project in action. You may even spot a Seychelles white-eye, a small bird that North Island helped bring back from the brink of extinction. Don’t forget a shovel to search for the island’s legendary buried treasure – we know you’ll dig your North Island walk!

Meet A Tortoise

When you have a couple of centuries of life ahead of you, and your to-do list comprises ‘eat leaves’, then there’s no real hurry to get anything done. Catching up with one of the island’s Aldabra giant tortoises is a great way to really slow things down. They seem to enjoy being talked to, and they’re not at all shy. That’s right, they can easily be persuaded to come out of their shells!